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Puerto Ricans migrate to Florida for one thing: jobs

According to the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration, roughly 1000 Puerto Rican families are moving to Florida every month. Things are pretty bad on the island right now, as the government tries to deal with billions of dollars of crushing debt. Unemployment’s at 12 percent and almost half of all families are living under the […]

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US manufacturing economy fails employers and workers

James L. Brown tried to hire a dozen workers for his metal foundry here. Half of them flunked the drug test. Those results are typical, says the president of Bremen Castings, a family-owned employer of 350 workers who make parts for trucks and other equipment. Drug problems are one factor contributing to a labor shortage […]

Tyson Foods Raises Pay In Its Chicken Plants To Compete For Labor

In an increasingly competitive poultry processing landscape, Tyson Foods announced a minimum hourly pay raise to $10 at 51 of its chicken processing plants across the country, effective Nov. 1. The pay increase ranges from 11% to 25% based on the $8 and $9 starting pay the company has in place. The Springdale-based meat giant […]